Low Rates

Our rates are strategically design to save you money. we offer you the best
service at the lowest possible cost so you can shop worry free. for your
personal or business items we pretty much will bring anything once it fits
through the air craft door or ask about our sea freight option.

Tracking and Notifications

Once your item is received we will provide you with updates in three (3)
stages 1) received in Miami. 2) Arrived at the airport (NMIA). 3) Your invoice,
ready for pick up. It is that simple.

Credit Card Assistance

If you don’t have a credit card but have ready cash, no worries we will
facilitate in helping you purchase items from reputable websites. For this
service we charge a minimum fee of $300 (JMD). WE WILL NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE

Fast Shipping

Shopconnect understand the urgency in getting your package(s) to you. Once
your package reaches our Miami facility and is processed in time it will be on
the next scheduled flight. We air freight packages to Jamaica twice per week,
arriving Mondays and Fridays and we aim to do same day customs clearance.

Secure Transactions

Shopconnect takes each package and every aspect of our business
serious.  We use the latest in
technology, data storage, backups and privacy monitoring services to ensure
that all transactions are secure and reliable. 
All information, including passwords, credit card information, purchase
history and other vital customer detail is encrypted and safe to ensure your
peace of mind.

Product Sourcing:

If you can’t find or locate an item internationally we are happy to assist.
We have a team that is patient in finding the right product at possibly the
most affordable cost.

Customer Care

Feel free to email or call us today about any information or query you
have, our courteous staff is ready to assist in any way we can to inform or
resolve any issue you may have.

Customs & Clearance

Once the shipment arrive to our airport
destination it will be checked and processed for contraband or restricted item
to be seized or detained. Package(s) intended for personal use may be subjected
to customs duty charges once its value (C.I.F) exceeds $50 (USD). Package(s)
intended for commercial purpose may be subjected to customs charges as well as
commercial charges regardless of the value of the item(s). You will be required
to provide your invoice upon request, we urge you to send all invoices before
the shipment reaches Jamaica so it will speed up the process at customs.
Failure to provide your invoice will result in customs placing a value on your
item to charge duty or detaining the package(s) for a valid invoice of
purchase. (We will not take any responsibility for any item valued by customs
due to lack of providing your invoice and we will not accept your invoice after
the fact), all storage fee for packages left at customs will be applied to your

Please Note

It is the importers responsibility to seek all necessary information regarding Customs Regulations as it relates to policies, procedures, duties, taxes and permits to meet the necessary requirements prior to or after the arrival of your package(s).

Visit their website at https://www.jacustoms.gov.jm  for all referral.