Shipping Rates and Service Charges

Package Weight
Rates per Pounds (USD)
1 $3.00 
2 $6.00
3 $8.00
4 $10.00
5 $12.00
6-200 $2.50 per pound
201+1 $2.20 per pound

Any fraction that is over a pound will be automatically rounded up to the next pound.

Handling Fees

An additional charge of $3.00 (USD) per package
with value exceeding $50.00  (USD).
packages weighing fifty (50) pounds or package with a dimension in excess of
seventy (70) inches  will be charged an
additional $10.00 (USD) handling fee

Customs Information

Packages with a value less than $50.00 USD will be charged $0.50 USD for processing

Packages intended for personal use may be subjected to customs duty charges
once its  value (C.I.F) exceeds $50

It is the importers responsibility to seek all necessary information regarding Customs
Regulations as it relates to polices, procedures, duties, taxes and to meet
requirements prior to the arrival of your package.