Privacy Policy

Here at Shopconnect we take your business and all transactions seriously, therefore we have put into place measures to secure all information given to us from you the customer. Our reliable service ensure your peace of mind by using the latest technology we see fit to monitor all transactions such as backups, data storage, passwords, emails, credit card information, online payment, purchase history, shipment history are all secured. all information are stored in our database and properly enscripted . by using our service you automatically agree to and accept these privacy policy.

Information such as your address, contact, tax registration number, invoice for shipment will be presented to customs upon their request to be used in addition to the processing of your package(s). shopconnect will not use your peronal information to elicit, sell, rent or distribute to any third party. pictures of packages and its contents will be taken only if package is damaged or there is a problem with that particular shipment to be recorded until the problem is resolved.